Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good salad? It’s fresh, it’s crunchy, and it’s healthy. But sometimes, we crave something a bit more substantial than just a bowl of greens. That’s where chicken salad lettuce wraps come in. This delightful recipe combines the goodness of chicken salad with the crispness of lettuce, creating a delicious and satisfying meal that’s perfect for any occasion.

The Ingredients You’ll Need

Before we dive into the recipe, let’s gather our ingredients:

  1. Cooked chicken breast, shredded
  2. Celery, diced
  3. Red onion, finely chopped
  4. Red bell pepper, diced
  5. Fresh parsley, chopped
  6. Mayonnaise
  7. Dijon mustard
  8. Lemon juice
  9. Salt and pepper to taste
  10. Lettuce leaves (such as romaine or butter lettuce)

Preparing the Chicken Salad

Now that we have all our ingredients ready, it’s time to make the chicken salad:

  1. Mix the Dressing: In a small bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt, and pepper until well combined. Adjust the seasoning to taste.
  2. Combine Ingredients: In a larger bowl, combine the shredded chicken, diced celery, chopped red onion, diced red bell pepper, and chopped parsley. Pour the dressing over the chicken mixture and toss until everything is evenly coated.

Assembling the Lettuce Wraps

With the chicken salad prepared, it’s time to assemble our lettuce wraps:

  1. Prepare the Lettuce: Carefully wash and dry the lettuce leaves, then lay them flat on a clean surface.
  2. Add the Chicken Salad: Spoon a generous amount of the chicken salad mixture onto each lettuce leaf, spreading it out evenly.
  3. Wrap It Up: Fold the sides of the lettuce leaf over the filling, then roll it up tightly from the bottom, securing it with a toothpick if necessary.

Serving Suggestions

Now that our chicken salad lettuce wraps are ready, it’s time to enjoy them! Here are a few serving suggestions to enhance your meal:

  • Serve with a side of fresh fruit for a burst of sweetness.
  • Pair with some whole-grain crackers or bread for added texture and crunch.
  • Drizzle with a little extra lemon juice or olive oil for a zesty finish.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

There are plenty of reasons to love chicken salad lettuce wraps:

  • They’re healthy: Packed with protein, fiber, and vitamins, these wraps make for a nutritious meal.
  • They’re versatile: You can customize the filling with your favorite ingredients to suit your taste preferences.
  • They’re portable: Perfect for on-the-go lunches or picnics, these wraps are easy to pack and eat anywhere.


Chicken salad lettuce wraps are a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional salads. With their fresh flavors and satisfying crunch, they’re sure to become a favorite in your meal rotation. So why not give this recipe a try today?


Q1: Can I use rotisserie chicken for this recipe?

Absolutely! Rotisserie chicken works great and saves you time on cooking and shredding the chicken.

Q2: Can I make the chicken salad ahead of time?

Yes, you can prepare the chicken salad mixture in advance and store it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to assemble the wraps.

Q3: Are there any dairy-free alternatives to mayonnaise for the dressing?

Yes, you can substitute vegan mayonnaise or Greek yogurt for a dairy-free option.

Q4: Can I add other vegetables to the chicken salad mixture?

Of course! Feel free to get creative and add your favorite vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, or avocado.

Q5: How long will the assembled lettuce wraps last in the refrigerator?

It’s best to consume the wraps within 1-2 days for the freshest taste and texture.

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